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The SUNGRID Solar Roofing Sheet Kit is available with 50 Watt as a kit including all components for a Solar Home System exept the battery. 
Recommended battery size: 12V 30 to 60 AH; 
Preferred battery type:  12V deep cycle lead-acid batteries (Solar Battery)    
Lead acid battery version: Wet Cell (flooded), Maintenance Free, AGM 
Car batteries are also possible! (cheap with a lifetime 1-2 years)



Carton size: 1400mm x 520mm x 45mm; Weight 7,2kg

Overview of included kit components


Wiring sheme


Packing 1400 x 520 x 45 mm 

All components in one carton



Sample application:

50W nailed on roof

Used car battery 55Ah

2x Lamp LED 3W 270 Lm