SUNGRID Photovoltaic

Empowering People

The first solar panel which is designed for the roofs of Off-Grid households!


Available NOW!!!  

Easy to mount

         Put it on your existing corrugated roof and fix it with nails - finished


         DIY -halve price in comparison if it is installed by a specialist from city

         Extendable- start with a small installation and add power according your budged.

Theft proof

         Fully integrated in the roof, you need a ladder to reach

         Non removable without tool

         Unshiny from street

A Kit for many class of households

         First electrical power in rural areas SG-30Kit, for illumination and phone charging.

         Small Shops in rural areas SG-50Kit, phone charging, barber shop…

         Households in urban areas for illumination in case of power cut

Two sizes available now

SG-30Kit:     30Watt panel, extendable to 150W

SG-30Kit:     50Watt panel, extendable to 150W 


Off Grid Project in Kilema Tanzania:

Solar Roofing Sheet 50 watt panel with a 55Ah car battery for illumination and phone charging 

SunGrid solar kits for Nepal:

The help organisation "Josef Einwaller Nepalhelp" was one of the first organisations which reached the rural areas after the earthquake in April 2015. After bringing first aid materials the organisation started to help rebuilding the infrastructure. Beside this also solar energy is given to families by using SunGrid solar kits. In December 2015 the first panels reached the very remote Rolwaling valley (Dolkha Beding).