SUNGRID Photovoltaic

Empowering People

With passion we develop sustainable solar systems that makes everyday (working) life more simply and easier.



SunGrid Photovoltaic is manufacturer of unique solar panels for developing countries in Austria/EUROPE. We currently sell through on-line stores, local wholesaler and independent local entrepreneurs in communities or associations. The product is produced in Europe under high quality standards.



We believe we can decrease energy poverty in developing countries by providing a sustainable and affordable energy solution through a cost-effective distribution in viable markets.

Energy empowers people in information, education and self determination.

"Solar power is peoples power"  



Solar energy systems convert sunlight into electricity without connecting to local utility grids.  

They are ideal for areas without public grid access. In all cases, off-grid solar energy systems include storage solutions such as batteries, which allow excess electricity to be saved for the night. The main components of off-grid systems (solar home system SHS) include solar panel, charge controller, and battery.  

Sun Grid Photovoltaic provides an off-grid solar energy solution especially designed for corrugated roofs as they are very common in developing countries.  

Our "Solar Roofing Sheet" is the first solar panel in the world designed for the needs of Off -Grid households in developing countries.